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Money and Power to Government
Derek E. Hollemans

"Giving Money and Power to Government is Like Giving Whiskey and Car Keys to Teenage Boys" - P. J. O'Rourke
Who could have summed up such a complex issue in one simple sentence? What makes this quote so amazing is how true it really is. When I take the time to think of the glorious union that our forefathers envisioned, and compare it to the welfare state that America has turned into, I feel as if we let our ancestors down. P. J. O'Rourke is simply speaking the blunt truth. He couldn't have hit any closer to the bulls-eye had he tried.

Every Friday, I pick up my paycheck, and the first thing I do is look to see how much the government has taken from me. With the amount of money that thay take from a kid working part-time, I can't even imagine what they take from all of the hard working American people. The amount of money that the government is taking from it's people is obscene. What Mr. O'Rourke is pointing out is the fact that the government will keep taking more and more money, but the fact is, they'll just get themselves into even more trouble with it.

The more you give to the government, the more problems they try to solve. The result becomes a larger government with more situations to screw up. Every time someone has a problem in America, the government steps in and attempts to handle the problem. It would seem by now that the government simply can't handle the problem, and we need to come up with a new approach. It astounds me that year after year, the same big government politicians are getting elected into office, with no drastic change for the American people. All these politicians do is make promise after promise, and year after year, these promises come up horribly short. Despite this, the public buys into these scam artists year after year, and the government just dips in and takes more and more of our money.

P. J. O'Rourke is saying that the time has come for the American public to adopt a zero tolerance for government intervention. We need to stop and think for ourselves instead of letting the government do the thinking for us. Our big brother politicians are constantly taking more and more hard earned dollars from the taxpayer, so they can squander it in South Korea and other places around the globe. How does America benefit from that? The government botches up everything it does. It becomes a simple equation; the more government becomes involved in American lives, the more American lives it screws up.

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