The First Encounter "Come on," she said, her bright eyes sparkling in the afternoon sunlight," Iíve got something to show you." He followed her reluctantly, his right leg throbbing with every step he took, the Antietam wound still bothering him. The mid fall air was brisk, the trees aflame with their leaves beautiful shades of red and orange. They walked swiftly, her up front, him limping behind her, trying to keep up, in his own private agony that he didnít dare tell her of. A myriad of thoughts flew through his mind. He was afraid, yes, truly afraid of what might happen. He longed for it, wanted nothing more than what he knew was coming, but he was still afraid of it, because it was the unknown. Suddenly they emerged from the woods, the valley spreading out before them. He stood there silently, taking in the sight as for miles and miles he could see the country spread out in front of him. It seemed to be on fire. Then suddenly he felt a warm hand grab his, and an even warmer body press against his side. He looked over and saw her watching the view, her wide eyes reflecting the spectacular view. And somehow, the view was even more lovely through her eyes. Lost in his thoughts, he didnít notice her turn her head to watch him, and when she leaned forward and placed a light, sweet kiss on his lips, he was snapped back to reality. He returned her kiss, eagerly pressing back at her, making their kiss last longer and longer. She turned, and pressed her body against his, while he brought his arms up and wrapped them around her, pulling her close. They broke the kiss, and stared into eachotherís eyes, both of them knowing for once and for all, that their love was true. "How could I fall in love with this Virginia belle?" he thought to himself, "Someone that lives so far away from home, yet feels so much like home in a way?" His thoughts were once again broken by her tugging him to the ground. They sat down with their backs against a tree, and immediately she began stroking his arm with her light feminine touch. He began to feel the beginning of his arousal. He reciprocated her touch, and could feel her melt under his touch. They moved closer, their thighs touching now, and he reached over and began to stroke her thigh, moving in small circles. He leaned over and began to kiss her again, his tongue dancing in her mouth, as his hand began to move higher on her thigh. Feeling no resistance, and actually feeling her quiver under his touch, he dipped his hand under her dress, and felt that her skin was almost hot to the touch. He moved higher and higher yet, rubbing and lightly stroking her warm skin. She broke their kiss, and pushed him onto his back. Then she took off his coat, slipped his pants down, and ripped his shirt off. All this she did in less than thirty seconds, which he had never been able to do. She was like a tiger, moving swiftly gracefully as she removed her own clothes. She was then kneeling over him, surveying his body, he doing the same. The smiles on their faces showed that they both liked what they saw very much. He moved her so that he was now kneeling over her, and he looked deeply into her eyes. He saw a love and a need unlike anything he had ever witnessed before, and in that moment, he realized he own deep love for this Virginia belle. Suddenly, he knew that they would have a future together, they would be together forever, and now was not the right time for this. He looked down to her, and she could tell that he was hesitant. "There will be other times for this, Love. We will be married, and then it will be right." He said softly, instantly seeing the disappointment in her eyes. He reached down and caressed her milky white breast, and said, "Iím sorry Love, but for now, let me give you thisÖ" He began to massage and knead her small, pert breasts, slowly teasing her hard nipples. Then, leaning forward he covered her mouth with his, and carefully balancing himself as not to hurt his already throbbing leg, the covered her body with his. As his hard chest pushed into her breasts, he could feel her hard nipples straining against him, crying for attention. He slid down her body, and took one of them into his hot mouth, sucking and nibbling at it, as his right hand began to slowly move down her body. His hand reached her sex, and he gently he rubbed up and down, teasing her, dipping deeper with every pass, all the while he continued his relentless licking and sucking of her breasts. He could feel her completely surrender her body to him, and he knew now that he could do anything with her that he wished. He began to move lower, kissing and licking her as he went. She tried to let out a protest, but he quickly silenced her by sucking hard on her sex. He could feel her body pressing hard against him as she thrust herself up toward him, driving herself closer and closer to him. His red hot tongue slipped into her sex, licking it and keeping constant pressure on her clitoris. He felt her writhe into him, and with one final, great thrust, she came in his mouth, showering him with her juices. He sucked up as much as he could, then slid up and kissed her lovingly and held her tightly to him, feeling her soft breath against his skin as she slept. He watched the sun go down over the hills, he knew that no matter what he would survive this war, because at the end of it lay the greatest treasure in the world, and a life filled with happiness that would lay to rest all the demons that this war created. Back
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