OUTLINE Thesis: The battle of Gettysburg was the most complex battle fought during the War for Southern Independence. I. The History of the War for Southern Independence Leading up to the battle of Gettysburg A. Introduction to the War B. Lee's Victories in 1862 and 1863 C. The loss of General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson II. Events leading up to the battle of Gettysburg A. Lee's success leads to his decision to invade the United States B. The Confederate and Federal Armies enter Pennsylvania C. General Stuart's neglect, and Heth's mission for shoes lead to the initial engagement III. The First Day A. Bufords Cavalry stubbornly holds in aniticipation of infantry support B. As the Confederate Forces Bring up support, Federal Infantry arrives C. The Union Rout, and General Ewell's actions on the day D. The position and integrity of both sides at the end of the 1st Day IV. The Second Day A. Lee's decision to attack both flanks early draws fire from his subordinates B. General Sickles decision to move his corps off the heights and into the orchard C. The desperate fight for little Round Top. D. The position and integrity of both sides at the end of the 2nd Day V. The Third Day A. The desperate Confederate situation, and it's options B. Lee's decision to attack the Union Center C. Pickett's Charge VI. The Aftermath A. The security of the Confederate Army B. The war continues on for 2 long years
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