Call it egotistical, but I decided to dedicate a section for my personal essays.  By clicking on the link above, you will be taken to the page which houses them.



David Jelinek is a doctoral candidate in computer science at the University of Pennsylvania. Periodically, he writes guest columns in The Daily Pennsylvanian. All credit is given to Mr. Jelinek for the following essays. If you would like more information, please feel free to visit his web page, The Politics of Liberty.

  • Smoking and Government-Controlled Health Care - This article was a guest column that appeared in the Daily Pennsylvanian on June 18, 1998. An excellent look at exactly how the government has taken over our choices.
  • The Federal Income Tax - An excellent Letter to the Editor in response to an individual's support of big government programs.

These essays were written by various authors that I have stumbled across on the internet. All credit is given to the authors of those pieces.

  • Legacy Lost: America’s Un-Winnable "War on Drugs" is Ultimately a War on Liberty by Paul V. Knittel Jr. I took this essay from a page containing this piece. I make no claim of writing this piece. All credit is given to the author.
  • Kaz On the Vital Issues - This is not just one particular essay, but a series of shorts written by Kaz. To be quite honest with you, his page is very large, so I have not had time to completely read all of the literature on his page. This is merely the "Vital Issues" section, which I felt was the most comparable to this section of The Young Libertarian Pages. Feel free to take a look around his sight.

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