The following are a series of essays written by yours truely.  After each title is a short description of each essay.  You may not necessarily agree with what I have to say, but hopefully they might ignite some new thoughts about normally conventional issues.  Where applicable, the date of completion has been added.

  • Teenage Radicals -- And Why I'll Never Understand Them.  An extremely information piece which questionin the morals and the motives of the modern day "Rebel Without a Cause" within society.  Added July 27, 1998.
  • The Regulation Debate.  The introduction is concerning a local article about government regulation in tattoo parlors.  It snowballs from here.  Chosen Editor's Choice by Liberty Journal, July 9, 1998.
  • A Libertarian Victory in Defeat.  This is an extremely informal essay that I only had a limited time to compose.  It deals primarily with competition, but has a small spark of Libertarianism.  Added September 28, 1997.
  • Money and Power to Government.  A personal analysis of P. J. O'Rourke's quote: "Giving Money and Power to Government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."